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Hei Sillouette by lunifer_icons

January 2008

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Durarara ;; Psyche

vesperia in dtb_rating

#9 was eaten by Mao. I know. Because I saw.

Name/Nickname: Lani
Age: 17

Likes/Hobbies &/or Talents: ldsafhg You want me to list EVERYTHING?? okay uhm. Foreign languages. Piano. Violin. Napping. Anime/manga. Video games. Cosplay. Drawing. Pretending I'm good at drawing. Writing. Pretending I'm good at singing. The capslock key (which only works on the keyboard I'm using right now by pressing SHIFT how redundant is that). Keyboard laskdfjlskdgh-ing. Wasting my money. Being home alone. Dr. Pepper. Uhh. Oh right, oh wait I forgot. ...Well whatever. Moving on.
Dislikes: HEADACHES. I get those things so often it drives me NUTS. Slow people who ride bikes in front of me. Gross people who breathe down my neck while riding on the train (srsly sometimes I hate being short sometimes). Being forced to do things I'd rather not do (like wake up in the morning and go to school). My homeroom teacher. Assholes who think they know everything and aren't open up to correction. Not being informed. Wasting my money. MUSHROOMS. Pie. Really really cold weather and really really hot weather.

Strong points: Determination? I guess. Once I start something I CAN'T stop until I fall dead asleep or until I'm done. I'm carefree, and I guess that can count as a strong point? I'm also totally hilarious. Everyone knows this. Uhh what else. I guess I'm easy to talk to, and a good listener. Somewhat smart. ...I run fast haha.
Weak points: I really, REALLY hate conflict and upsetting things. Like it makes me terribly uncomfortable (so I tend to avoid it when my friends are having problems and that makes me so inconsiderate). ...So in turn I tend to ignore the news (because in my eyes, all it is is conflict, conflict, conflict sfhlkfalshg), and because I tend to ignore what's going on in the world I tend to be a little ignorant. I'm also a really bad procrastinator (though I've been working on it and I'm getting a little better wooooo). And insanely lazy. I also have this thing where I don't really care unless it has something to do with me. I should be more considerate of others, honestly :<<

Words that describe yourself: Umm. Uhhh. Awesome. Sense of humor? A bit two-sided personality. Uhh yeah.

Mature or Immature?: I totally like to think I'm mature but knowing myself I'm probably insanely immaure.
Leader or Follower?: Leader. I hate. HATE it when people who don't have the right (like teachers or parents) tell me what to do. It pisses me off.
Outgoing or Shy?: I used to be really shy when I first met people but now not so much. So Outgoing.
Confident or Modest?: Confident. I'm totally the best person ever but really on the inside I'm insanely modest and think I'm the worst person ever.
Optimistic, Pessimistic, and/or Realist?: Optimistic. Because I hate conflict, and I lie to myself and say that everything's going to be better.
Low, medium, or high energy level?: High. ;D Not bouncing-off-the-walls high, just I have a lot of energy (despite being really lazy).
Listener or Speaker?: Listener. Giving advice and opinions isn't a strong point.

Goals in life: 生まれた意味を知る Save the world, find my place in society, go on an epic adventure, and dye my hair red.

Favorite quote & why: GOD I have so many but like. I don't remember ANY of them at the moment. ...But they're usually epic and bring tears to my eyes.

Anything else? (Pictures are not required, but you may include them if you'd like): I don't know my strong points so I had to ask my friends LOL I'm so lame.

Please link the links to the three members you voted on (if available) : http://community.livejournal.com/dtb_rating/3287.html

I am also terrible at explanations, ahah sorry guys. .___.;


Mmm, Kiriharaoverall :)