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Darker Than Black Rating

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Welcome to the Darker Than Black rating community. This is a place where you fill out an application and your fellow members vote on you to see what character from said series you're most like.


Community Rules:

1. No flaming/insulting.
2. You must join the community to post.
3. Vote even if you haven’t been stamped please...and you may vote for up to two characters if you cannot decide.
3.5. You must vote on three people to apply, unless there are not enough applications available. This will help activity. Please include the links in your application.
4. You may post cosplay pictures only after you have been stamped.
5. The application is to be behind an lj-cut please.
6. Fill out the survey below truthfully. Do not push towards a certain character.
7. You are allowed a single restamp, but only after a week that you've been stamped.
8. After being stamped upload the picture to your own server.
9. There is no number nine.
10. Tell me what happened to rule number nine in your application's subject line.



Stamps created by teostra - Please do not alter them to your liking. Thank you.



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