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Hei Sillouette by lunifer_icons

January 2008

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by: minoticons - GW: fight

keylah in dtb_rating

I stole Number 9

Name/Nickname: Keylah
Age: 17

Likes/Hobbies &/or Talents: Fencing, piano, sketching, writing, solitare, freecell, reading, computer, drawing, sleeping, archery, anime, puzzles, word puzzles, curry, Biochemistry, writing, classical music, anime, piano
Dislikes: Fingernails squeaking on textbooks, and "new textbook smell". They drive me crazy. And the first one hurts my teeth. bad grammar.

Strong points: I'm very loyal to my friends and family. I may feel awkward or uncomfortable in some situations but I try to do my best to be there anyway.
Weak points: Wahaha, can we say P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N? Not a good habit to have. I also tend to have the attention span of a rodent sometimes. Not all the time, like when I really have to concentrate, but if I'm working no something minor my concentration tends to...roam. This is probably also a bad thing...It's hard to tell if I'm not feeling alright because I look cheerful even if I'm depressed, it's quite odd.

Words that describe yourself: Loyal, quirky, fun, reserved, hard-working, energetic (in a calm way with a bit of 'I-can't-sit-still'. Contradictory, I know), procrastinator, intelligent.

Mature or Immature?: I'm a bit of both and somewhere inbetween.
Leader or Follower?: If I have to be, I can lead. It's not that I generally 'follow' anyone, it's more like I'm not the one completely in charge. In a group I don't like to blindly follow what I'm told, I'm actively in there talking to other people because I like to know what's going on. I suppose, though, in other cases I would follow so I guess somewhat of a leader somewhat of a follower.
Outgoing or Shy?: I'm outgoing most of the time. But privately, I'm a reserved person and tend to open up to only my close friends. So I'm more of a polite outgoing with people I don't know too well, but much more open with my friends.
Confident or Modest?: Confident, although I do have my moments.
Optimistic, Pessimistic, and/or Realist?: Realist
Low, medium, or high energy level?: Somewhere between High and Medium, my energy level is more of 'quiet' spaz. When I'm hyper it's not so much that I bounce of the walls, I just act really.....weird but it's a kind of 'quiet' hyper. And you can tell I'm hyper.
Listener or Speaker?: Listener

Goals in life: take over the world Bioengineer

Favorite quote & why:

Hmmm... "Not all who wander are lost." ~ JRR Tolkien

BECAUSE, I can interpret it in both a serious or comic fashion. Seriously, I understand it to mean that there is more than one way to reach your goal. You could wander off the trail, but you're not really lost, just taking a little....detour.

Comically, they're not lost because well, they just a very very bad sense of direction.

Personally, I tend to go with the comical one.

Anything else? (Pictures are not required, but you may include them if you'd like):

It doesn't seem like I get angry or irritated very often but ask my sister and she'll tell you that's wrong. I flip moods sporadically and very quickly, my base one (at home) being the 'quiet go away I'm reading' with a congenial grin (in other words, 'I don't care but I'll pretend to listen while telepathically telling you to go away') besides that one, my moods range from spazzy, to devious, to curious, to spontanious. In other words, I'm a Gemini, really.

To sum it up, in private, I'm a really quiet and more serious person. I tend to keep to myself and read a book or hang around on the computer. In public I'm more energetic, it's like my friends are my crack. They make me hyper.

I have a rather gray view of the world, I tend to be neutral on a lot of things. And, simply put, I don't care about a lot of things unless they directly affect me. Probably not the best mind set to have, but go figure.

Please link the links to the three members you voted on (if available) :

Look azure! I applied!

[If you could tell me why you voted me as a character that would be super awesome. Thanks!]


I think... November 11, myself.
Mmmmm. Personally, I think you're more like Misaki-chan. What you said in your 'strong points' kind of made me think of the episode where she was at Alice's party, especially, and your quote and personality traits make me think of her. And what you said in the 'anything else' section, about how your friends make you hyper, but you're more likely to read or go on the computer, that just sings out Misaki-chan to me.

Okay. So. Even thought some points don't match up...I still think November 11 is the best fit. Even the way you type makes me think he's speaking to me out of this application. It's actually quite creepy. Stop doing that.

The words that describe yourself, saying you're confident, the way you answered the "leader or follower" question, and the fact that you don't care about a lot of things unless they directly affect you. Nov 11 isn't exactly a charity-giver.
I see November 11 also. You seem laid back like he did, but you also seem like you're in control, even when you aren't supposed to be.
Okay honestly I'm going to have to be weird and say Yutaka Kouno. I don't know why, you just remind me of him. But since he's a minor character and may not have a stamp, let's go ahead and stick with November 11.

Yutaka is a character from Darker than Black, and is therefore votable, even if minor. Would you like to change your vote or stick with November 11?
Hmm. I think I'll go ahead and stick with November 11. I'll keep that in mind, though.
I also agree with November 11? The Leader/follower thing did it for me, I believe.


Since you have five votes for the same person...


You know what to do, Keylah. ♥