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January 2008

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I think my dog ate number nine.

Name/Nickname: Rekka.
Age: 17.

Likes/Hobbies &/or Talents: Anime, manga, drawing, laptops, computers, CDs, my friends and family, working alone, music, dragons, trenchcoats, chocolate, popcorn, internet, roleplaying, money, swords, Japan, icon-making, movies, cosplay, video games, glasses, control over things/power, cartoons, tea, winning, orchestra, violin, track (sprinting), strategic games, Pirates of the Caribbean, the British, Kingdom Hearts, Phoenix Wright for DS, DDR, karaoke/singing, yaoi/shonen-ai, yuri/shojo-ai, hentai, cats, Tales of games, RPGs, acting.
Dislikes: I hate it when I'm incorrect. I also dislike it when I don't know something, because I have this silly urge to know everything. I also hate it when people bug me, especially if I'm working, or when people think my work or whatever the hell I'm doing isn't good enough when I think it is. I also dislike being ignored purposely. List of other things I dislike: Celery, people who insult my beliefs or condescend me, annoying people, stress, insects (especially bees), loud noises, harsh lights, bad grades, aches, illnesses, people suffering, whiners, liars, boredom, overly "happy" songs.

Strong points: I'm usually mature and the voice of reason, unless I'm in a weird mood, in which then I can be quite unpredictable (I've been called a dork multiple times). ♥ I'm pretty responsible and a hard worker, since I'm the oldest child of my family, although I tend to be lazy on things, procrastinating to the last minute (but that's not much of a strength, eheh). I'm calm (but I can overreact at random times) and loyal to my friends/family caring deeply for my friends to the point of protecting them as well as my siblings. I'd never think of betraying them even if they ever betrayed me. I am quite intelligent and do well in school. I'm told to be quite witty. And actually, I'm pretty good at teasing (I like to joke around, but I can also be serious) and scaring people. I'm also a curious person, but know when to draw the line when something gets too dangerous.
Weak points: Because I tend to bottle my emotions and can be sensitive at times, I tend to fall into depression easily and worry a hell of a lot, even though I want to appear like nothing's bothering me at all and let things bounce off me. At times I'm very pessimistic, only thinking of the ways things could go wrong and what has gone wrong, but it's only because I don't want to think it's positive when it's really negative and be brought down further than I already am. I can also be slightly cold to some people and quiet, depending on how talkative the other person is (and if I know them well or not). If they're quite social, then I tend to be quieter to balance things out, and if they're less talkative, I want to open them up, so I tend to speak up more, and if on the right topic (such as something I'm obsessed with), I may be chatting for quite a bit. Even though I sometimes appear slightly anti-social and have isolation tendencies, I do have friends, but at times I'm just alone due to my introverted self. I tend to jump to conclusions too easily and am quite the observer, over-analyzing and thinking too much about things...and (sometimes) in the end not getting the correct conclusions. Oh, and I procrastinate a lot, but seem to get everything done on my agenda in the end, no matter how much time I have. I also seem to find the faults in something more than the achievements (just look at my application's strengths compared to weaknesses; my weaknesses are much longer), and would rather have the urge to say something that would improve something rather than a comment on how well a person did whatever they did. Oh, and I like to make sarcastic or smartass comments, although I tend to think of it as "logically pointing things out"...and I hate admitting that I'm wrong on almost anything. I hate defeat. So it's also hard for me to apologize to someone. I get jealous easily. I'm also disorganized (because I find it a hassle to clean my room), but I usually find things nonetheless.

Words that describe yourself: Obsessive, multi-sided, caring deep down (but certainly not always appearing that way), intelligent/intellectual, attentive, judging, opinionated, literal, paranoid, complex, physical, individualistic, lazy but hardworking, sarcastic, protecting, dork, secretive, strategic, thinking, pessimistic, realist, witty, anti-hero, teasing, not easily influenced, introvert, diplomat, aloof, artistic, tech, logical, SMIRK.

Mature or Immature?: I'm usually thought of as mature, but everyone has their moments.
Leader or Follower?: I can be both, depending on the situation or if I choose to step up to the plate or not, because I am capable of being a leader. But sometimes I just do things on my own.
Outgoing or Shy?: I don't like to think of myself as shy, but I'm certainly not outgoing.
Confident or Modest?: In-between. Usually I'm pretty modest...but I've been told I'm smug before. :D
Optimistic, Pessimistic, and/or Realist?: Realist, but of the last two, pessimist.
Low, medium, or high energy level?: Low to medium. Rarely am I ever high.
Listener or Speaker?: Listener, unless I want to voice my opinion.

Goals in life: Be a great violinist. Live a peaceful, safe, yet not completely boring life. Do something that'll make people remember me as someone important, not just "that person who liked anime". Learn Japanese (I'm currently studying it). Go to Japan.

Favorite quote & why: I never can choose a favorite, so I looked up a few I found amusing. Why these quotes? Because they make me chuckle lightly, as bad as some may be.

"Sometimes I need what only you can provide: your absence."
- Ashleigh Brilliant

"I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it."
- Mark Twain

"I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours."

"Reading this gives me brief control of your mind."

Anything else? (Pictures are not required, but you may include them if you'd like):
I got this very interesting question once, and I believe it explains me quite a bit.

Are there multiple "you"s? If so, why do you think this is? There are certainly multiple "me"s. If there was one word to describe me, it'd be "multi-sided". I'm open more with some people, and closed off with the rest. I put up a friendly facade to strangers I meet at work, and am extremely polite to people I don't know quite as well, then loosen up when I get to know them better, being more blunt, teasing, joking, uncaring and sarcastic. I may seem very quiet to people I don't know, but a total dork-and-a-half to people I do know.

Why is this? I believe it has something to do with me being untrusting to most people. I don't know how people I meet randomly will react to me being my true self, and I don't want to come off as rude. I just don't trust many in general, and that's probably why I tend to be by myself most of the time, an isolated, individualistic, intellectual, insecure individual who wants to go their own way. Try saying that five times fast. ♥

Please link the links to the three members you voted on (if available) :
As a kind mod, I voted on everyone (pssh) but here's three of them:
1. http://community.livejournal.com/dtb_rating/2031.html
2. http://community.livejournal.com/dtb_rating/1489.html
3. http://community.livejournal.com/dtb_rating/1581.html

ALSO, reasons for votes are liked, as my application is very complex. Variety in votes always makes things interesting too, but of course it's not required, since there has to be a majority somewhere, anyway.
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Dorky voice of reason? It's hard not to vote Mao XD
I see a combination of Huang and Mao

ETA: The way you describe yourself just screams Huang, but the either or questions seem to even it out with Mao.

Edited at 2007-12-12 06:28 am (UTC)
Mao, because of your multi-sided personality (mature but with a dorky side). At first, I was inclined to say Huang, because you mentioned being sarcastic and making smart-ass comments, and also because of this part: "caring deep down (but certainly not always appearing that way)". However, like the person above me mentioned, the either-or answers swayed me over towards Mao. A realist (leaning on the pessimistic side), more shy than outgoing, a balance of leader and being your own person - that's just Mao to me. :)
It never occured to me, but yeah, Mao fits. He's certainly multi-sided with a definite dorky side.


You don't have a dog...did you borrow Rocket without me knowing?
Mao. Everyone's a Mao. ><;
Contrary to everyone else, I think you sound a lot more like the Li side of Hei. >__> You're dorky, but mature. Your strong points were what made me most think of him.

Confident or Modest?: In-between. Usually I'm pretty modest...but I've been told I'm smug before. :D

For some reason, that just screams Li at me. Especially when he's ever so subtly making fun of someone. XD And obviously, there are multiple sides to him as well.

To be perfectly honest, I think you sound like both Li- and Hei-sides to our favorite Kuro no Shinigami, and in effect the character in and of himself, but I don't think you'd be able to have two stamps, so I'm going to go with Li. XD
Just to let you know, you're able to vote for up to two characters. I did that so you could vote for both Hei and Li if someone reminded you of the entire character, and not just one side of him.

Just for future reference. :D
lkjfs I totally forgot about that. XD Somehow, I forgot. So then I definitely think you're both Li and Hei. askjdfI fail so hard. XD *dies*



Yay for stamping myself.